Indirect Bonding

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Indirect bonding has made placing braces more comfortable and more accurate than ever before. Traditionally, braces were placed on the teeth by directly bonding them one at a time in the mouth. This meticulous process is widely accepted, and at times is necessary, but it requires the patient to be in retractors for 45 minutes or more in order to keep the teeth dry while the orthodontist places the braces. This can be uncomfortable for the patient, and sometimes it may be difficult for the orthodontist to get the brace in the correct position, especially in the back of the mouth. Some younger patients may have a difficult time keeping still for an extended period of time, making it even more difficult for the orthodontist and more uncomfortable for the patient.

Our office has implemented a new and innovative way to place braces known as “indirect bonding.” With this process, accurate molds of the teeth are fabricated in just a few minutes, and the rest of the work is done here in our laboratory. When you return to the office a few days later, your braces are already positioned in accurate, personalized trays made just for you. Using these custom trays, the braces are placed very quickly and all at once. The retractors that are needed to keep your teeth dry are only in place for as little as 15 minutes. This method is more precise than traditional bracket placement, because the braces are first accurately placed on a model of your teeth.


This process starts by making stone models from the molds of your teeth. Dr. Hilliard and Dr. Dietrich can then position the braces on the model in the most ideal spot very easily and accurately. It is just as easy to place them on the back teeth as it is the front teeth because the model can be rotated and viewed from every angle. Instruments are used to measure and ensure the pinpoint accuracy of the brace on every tooth. Once the position is finalized, a comfortable custom tray is fabricated and then cleaned and sterilized prior to your appointment. Our patients are often amazed at how quickly and easily braces can be placed with this method. Indirect bonding is not widely used in the profession because of the time, expense, and expertise needed to master the process, but the results are well worth it. Because of indirect bonding, we are often able to shorten treatment times, achieve more incredible results and make the process of placing the braces as comfortable as possible for our patients.

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