iTero Digital Scanner

Tweens iTero Digital Scanner

At Dietrich & Kelso Orthodontics we have once again raised the bar in patient care.  We recognize that for many people getting traditional impressions with a mouth full of goo can be a barrier to pursuing treatment.  This can be especially true for patients with a strong gag reflex. Our patients have spoken and we have listened.  We now offer the iTero digital scanner which captures an image of the mouth using a small wand.  The image immediately shows up on the screen and the resulting digital impression of the teeth is far more accurate and has more detail than any traditional impression.

This technology has been fully implemented in our office for Invisalign impressions and we are currently implementing it in other areas as well.  For our Invisalign patients, this means that we are able deliver better fitting aligners which in turn allows us to achieve more precise and predictable results.  Because the digital impressions are immediately submitted to Invisalign through a secure internet connection, we are also able to receive our aligners weeks faster than we did in the past. Check out the video below for an introduction to the iTero Scanner and see how it works.  

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