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At Dietrich & Kelso Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch orthodontic care for the entire family. Our team of experienced doctors is committed to offering personalized treatments that cater to the unique needs of each family member, from the youngest to the oldest.

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Dr. Andrew Dietrich aims to provide an unforgettable experience and an exceptional outcome to each patient in our orthodontic family. Since starting his professional career in 2009, he has maintained a tradition of outstanding orthodontic care.

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Dr. Andrew Kelso is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to all his patients. He enjoys working with adults and children from different backgrounds to create life-changing confidence and smiles.

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Dr. Anthony Travagliato prides himself on delivering excellent care while maintaining a fun and positive experience for his patients. He feels very fortunate to be able to have such a tremendous impact on the lives of his patients, as well as their families.

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Dr. Timothy Ellis is committed to providing his patients with excellent orthodontic treatment in a warm and caring atmosphere. For nearly 30 years, he delivered the highest quality treatment to Polk County, and he is excited to be back!

Orthodontist Lakeland FL


Dr. Timothy Dixon is dedicated to providing high-quality compassionate care to all of his patients. He enjoys working with adults and children from different backgrounds to create life-changing confidence and smiles.

A Smile for Every Stage

Navigating Orthodontic Care from Childhood to Adulthood

Embarking on an orthodontic journey is a significant step for individuals at any stage of life. Whether it's laying the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles in children, navigating the busy lives of teens with flexible treatment options, or seizing the opportunity in adulthood to finally achieve the smile you've always wanted, orthodontic care offers invaluable benefits for all ages. From early interventions to discreet adult solutions, orthodontics is a versatile field that adapts to meet the unique needs and lifestyles of each patient.

Setting the Foundation

Orthodontics for Children

Parents, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that early orthodontic intervention can set your child on the path to a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Starting treatment at a young age allows us to identify and address potential issues before they become more complex. Early treatment can prevent the need for more invasive procedures later on, ensuring not just a beautiful smile but also long-term oral health for your child.


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Balancing Act

Orthodontics for Teens

Teen life is hectic, filled with school, sports, and social events. That's why we offer a range of flexible treatment options designed to fit into your teen's busy schedule. From traditional braces to clear aligners, we have solutions that can be adapted to suit your teen's lifestyle. Our goal is to make the orthodontic journey as smooth as possible, without compromising on the quality of care.

It's Never Too Late

Orthodontics for Adults

If you think you've missed the boat on orthodontic treatment, think again. Approximately 20% of all orthodontic patients today are adults. With discreet treatment options like clear aligners and ceramic braces, you can achieve the smile you've always wanted without affecting your professional appearance. It's never too late to invest in your smile and, by extension, your confidence and overall well-being.

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Take the First Step Today

At Dietrich & Kelso Orthodontics, your family's oral health is our top priority. We're here to guide you through every step of your orthodontic journey, ensuring that you receive the best possible care. Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards a happier, healthier smile for you and your family.

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