New Advancements In Orthodontics

We at Dietrich & Kelso Orthodontics take pride in creating a welcoming, informative office. Our advanced technology allows us to provide patients with a quicker, more comfortable orthodontic treatment experience.

Staying up-to-date on the latest equipment and research lets us give the quality care you should demand and expect of your orthodontic healthcare team. We are excited to share with you what our office offers you and how it can benefit you on your orthodontic journey!


Invisalign creates custom-made, removable, transparent trays that straighten the teeth and align the jaw over time by applying pressure. The company has treatment plans perfect for children, teens, and adults with less complex orthodontic needs that could be completed in as little as six months! Their personalized aligners give you a comfortable fit with a nearly invisible appearance! Many patients love that most people cannot even tell they are in treatment. 

The removability of the aligners also allows patients to live almost as if they are not in treatment. You must remove the clear trays to eat or drink anything other than water, meaning you can stick to your regular diet! All sticky, tough, crunchy foods and sugary sodas are allowed – as long as you remove the aligners beforehand.

Our team will take X-rays and a digital 3D scan of your teeth, gums, and jaw to create the custom trays. This imaging allows your orthodontist to show you your predicted final look and chart your teeth’s movement to make the most precise clear aligners.

Every orthodontist at Dietrich & Kelso Orthodontics is experienced and knowledgeable about Invisalign. Come see us for more information!

iTero Element Scanner

With Invisalign and other orthodontic procedures and treatment options, we might use our iTero Element Scanner. This device allows us to create the 3D digital model of your teeth and gums we mentioned earlier. To do so, a skilled team member will use the imaging wand to scan the inside of the mouth. The wand is small and more comfortable than a mold impression for most patients. 

Then, the iTero Element Scanner will generate the 3D representation of your mouth that your orthodontist can use to accurately and efficiently design your treatment plan. This detailed look allows your orthodontist to find potential issues, such as cavities or other roadblocks before treatment begins. It also decreases the possibility of misplaced brackets, incorrectly made aligners, and experiencing avoidable pain.

With the iTero Element Scanner, we can provide our patients with a more enjoyable experience with less unnecessary discomfort and irritation in less time.

Ceramic Braces

Patients with more tricky or complicated cases might not be a good fit for Invisalign. Traditional metal braces have long since earned their reliable and efficient reputation of being able to fix even the most complex of issues. However, many have been discouraged from seeking or participating in treatment because they are put off by the appearance of braces.

Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, are an excellent fixed appliance alternative for those who need braces but want a more subtle aesthetic. Despite their name, they are not actually clear. They use a tooth-colored material that blends in with the teeth to give the illusion of clear brackets. Patients can then opt to use matching or clear ligatures (the rubber bands that hold the wire to the bracket) for a discreet look or colorful ligatures for a neon-like pop of color.

While not as durable as braces, they are not as fragile as their ceramic name suggests, and their material is strong enough for most patient needs. They are a great option for people who desire a lowkey aesthetic but don’t qualify for or don’t want Invisalign.

Diode Laser Treatment

At Dietrich & Kelso Orthodontics, we understand that the smile of your dreams might go beyond a teeth and jaw alignment. That’s why we offer diode laser treatment for gum contouring, which is the shaping of the gums for an even gumline. This procedure can be done purely for cosmetic reasons, but it can also improve overall gum health. Gum contouring can be used as a treatment for periodontal disease, remove excess gum tissue that makes it hard to clean the mouth properly, and even shorten your overall orthodontic treatment time!

With the diode laser, the process is minimally invasive. Our orthodontists have extensive training and experience in this procedure, so you can feel at ease knowing you are getting the best care with the best possible results.

New Advancements In Orthodontics

Interested in Learning More About Advancements in Orthodontics?

Technology and scientific information is constantly updating. At Dietrich & Kelso Orthodontics, we strive to stay up-to-date to offer you top-notch care with the latest modern technology and facts. Every member of our orthodontic team takes steps every year to continue their education to provide you with exceptional, expert care.

We are always thrilled to share more about our technology and the ways it can benefit you and your family during your time with us. We encourage your curiosity because we know your confidence in your care begins with quality information! 
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